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10 May
World Water Day 2013World Water Day is held annually on March 22. This special day is dedicated to water and the importance of fresh water, with a focus on the sustainable management of water resources.

This year, the Food Film Festival has organized a talk show, in cooperation with OneWorld Live, about the role that water plays in the production process of food.

Just like last year during the Food Film Festival, our WeLikeWater bottles took care of the serving of tap water. And there was more! WeLikeWater got the chance to speak about the practical solution we offer to help you to make a difference.
13 Nov
8sepThe BIG day for R & L, and WeLikeWater was there to celebrate this special occasion! During the wedding dinner, the customized bottles were there to supply everyone with tap water, and at the end of the day they served as a take-home present for all guests.  
Provided with a personal message on a tag, the bottles were thankfully accepted by friends and family as a remembrance of this day.

12 Nov
Besides sustainability, WeLikeWater is also passionate about design. Therefore we immediately said YES when we were asked to support a series of thematic days in the Design House in Eindhoven. Tap water was proudly served by WeLikeWater, emphasizing our sustainable vision  DSC5569
and supporting our love for beautiful products! On July 21st the Food Film Festival organized the first dinner dedicated to Food Design, with a film, a lecture by Marije Vogelenzang and of course a special dinner. In August and September the second and third day followed, as successful as the first one. Food Film Festival: thanks for inviting WeLikeWater! And to all of you who were there: we hope you enjoyed tap water served by our bottles on a mission! And hope to see you next year! Cheers!
(Photographer: Maartje Strijbis)

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