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We were colleagues who became friends. During a course the idea of WeLikeWater hit us. Why do we all want to drink water from plastic bottles? We would happily drink tap water saving loads of money, but more important: the hundreds of plastic bottles thrown away every day, let alone the pollution to produce and transport them! There must be a better way to drink water, and right there in Amsterdam our mission was born; no more bottled water for us!

After some research we discovered that it isn’t easy to drink tap water. The options are either uncooled water directly from the tap into your glass, inelegant carafes that don’t fit in your fridge or reusing plastic bottles that become dirty and unsanitary after a while. We therefore decided that we needed to come up with an appealing, practical, high quality bottle to serve tap water with. But not just any bottle; only bottles that support our mission and are produced locally and sustainably. We therefore say: “Our bottles have their own little ways”. They know where they come from and where they want to go!

In most cases doing the right thing means a sacrifice, either in quality or expenses but with WeLikeWater it’s the opposite. You can do good while enjoying its advantages at the same time. That’s what we stand for with WeLikeWater! And we do believe we’re not alone… WeLikeWater has reached many people and companies already because alongside our bottles supporting our mission, more and more people realize that it can just be that simple. In our opinion, that's exactly is where the success of WeLikeWater lies.

Özlem & Lara