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Meet our Signature bottle! Our favorite bottle for anywhere! Online available at The Sixtine and LENTstyles.

WeLikeWater bottles are unique: because of their looks and their determination to contribute to a better world. A special feature that really sets WeLikeWater bottles apart is that you can design your own unique piece; still on the same mission, trying to create a better world, but now with your own customized look.

Bottles for Business

Bottled water is frequently used at offices; think about all the meetings and lunches. 


WeLikeWater can join your company to make a difference by replacing the many disposable plastic bottles with reusable glass ones. Our bottles will happily represent your company with any logo or text of your choice, emphasizing your company’s sustainable choice. The customized  We LikeWater bottles are available from any amount of 60 pcs or more. 

Did we already mention that our bottles are the responsible choice when it comes to maths as well? In the long term they have proven themselves as the cost effective choice considering the savings on bottled water.

Special Occasions

There are many different occasions that come to mind when thinking of serving water. WeLikeWater bottles are happy to create that special touch by joining your occasions; whether it's a wedding or any other celebration. Our bottles can provide a sustainable flair to your event, but above all; they can carry out any message you’d like! Customized bottles are available from 60 pcs or more and after serving tap water at your occasion they could serve as a take-home present to remember the day (and continue to be sustainable at home as well!)… Didn’t we tell you? Our bottles know what they’re doing!